Fine Motor Skills

This week we have been working on fine motor skills by using the buttons, gems and beads to follow chalk patterns.  Some children used markers and pens outside to follow a trail that Goldilocks had left!  We have been planting more seeds and we are growing tomatoes and strawberry plants.


We have been reading dragon stories and making dragons this week working on our scissor skills.  We used describing words to talk about dragons and made some large scale dragons using a range of natural resources.  We were investigating the unusual eggs on the nests inside and outside, which we thought were dragon eggs.  On Wednesday one of the eggs hatched and there was a baby dragon on our stage roof!

Maths Monkey!

Our class monkey ‘Maths Monkey’ enjoys visiting our houses to do lots of counting, sorting, shape games and  dice games.  Maths monkey has been doing lots of counting at the cinema, the woods and at the swimming pool!

Movement and Music

We enjoy walking to the big hall to take part in movement and music sessions or parachute games to work on our gross motor skills.

Some children stay for lunch in our Nursery and you can see them enjoying their lunch together below!

Room on the Broom

The children were fully involved in the retelling of the story “Room on the Broom” and they used various props and small world toys to re-enact the story.  The glittery builder’s tray was used for name-writing and other mark-making.  The children worked on scissor hold and control whilst cutting the jelly cubes and mixing the cubes with bugs and eyeballs for their magic spells!  There was wand-making and broomstick making inside and outside using sticks and different textured fabrics, working on fine motor control.

We made lots of ‘Silly Spells’ to learn about rhyming words using a range of objects in the cauldron.  Here is our song that we sing as we stir …

We’re making lots of silly spells

We’re making spells so silly

We’re going to cook it in the fridge

To make it nice and chilly!


Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

We listened to the story of ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do you See?’ learning the repetitive phrases from the story.  The children used the animals from the story to learn colours and to retell the story.  One group of children wanted to change the animals to create their own version of the story and enjoyed telling it to the class – there were lots of animals involved!

We practiced our scissor skills and mark-making whilst making a bear mask.

The skittles were used for counting, sorting and for a experiment watching the effects in milk.  The children were fascinated by the colours and changes.